Inafune Remains Adamant About Legends 3

What's new in the realm of Mega Man Legends 3 news? Consistency, one might suppose. Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian appeared recently on the 4 Guys, 1UP Podcast, and naturally, the subject came up. Prompted about the mere possibility, Killian said:

"It’s definitely not dead and Inafune says, I saw him yesterday and he always says that. He knows that’s a question from fans all the time and he talks about it all the time: ‘you know when I finally get some time, I’m going to work on a Legends 3 or something.’ He definitely would like to see it happen."

So, same old, same old. I get the feeling that Bionic Commando might have something to do with this; journalists begged and pleaded for that one, too, and when it came out, sales weren't up to snuff. So it may be little wonder that all the begging and pleading for a Legends 3 isn't helping make it a higher priority for the brass at Capcom.

News Credit: The Examiner, via the SEGA Forums, via Protodude's Rockman Corner