A Look at a Life-Size Servbot

A Look at a Life-Size ServbotIn my office at my "normal job", people like to decorate their cubicles with various things to personalize their workspace. A Persona 3 action figure here, a Lego Star Destroyer there; these things are common place. However, the newest thing to come into my building was a little more special. A good friend and coworker of mine decided to build a life-size servbot to go along with someone else's Tron Bonne cosplay. To make it, he used a combination of cardboard, acrylic paint, posterboard, a ping pong ball, and foam shapes (the kind often found in arts and crafts stores) with a little duct tape, rubber cement, and silicon adhesive to hold it all together.

It turned out not too shabby! You can see a close up photo here.