Mega Man: Lab Assistant, Warrior... Realtor?

Well, this was certainly something I never expected to come upon when I woke up today. We no doubt all remember Mega Man 8 and some of it's rather, ah, offbeat voice acting. It's kind of difficult not to; whenever someone has an article, a list, a video, or even a discussion regarding the worst in video game voice acting, the title is almost always inevitably included (many times near the top). Of course, it's typically Dr. Light who people seem to remember for tripping over his lines, but Mega Man himself hasn't exactly had an easy time of things on memory lane, either.

In an instance of what might be called "where are they now?", the voice of Mega Man in the English version of Mega Man 8, Ruth Shiraishi, has been spotted selling real estate in Tokyo by way of video tours of office buildings.

Here is a sample of the Blue Bomber, circa 1997:

And now, Ruth giving a tour of BUREX Kojimachi:

Interested in more? Then check out her YouTube Channel.

Now, if we can just find where Dr. Light ran off to...

Credit: Keiji Dragon and Protodude's Rockman Corner