MegaMan vs MegaMan, Place Your Bets Now!

WARNING: There will be spoilers here for Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star. I advise hitting BACK on your browser now if you wish to avoid spoilage. Anyway, Operate Shooting Star has been out for a couple days now and seeing how it's almost exactly the same as Battle Network, you can bet it doesn't take long to progress through the game (the BN Guide written by Magnet for example helps tremendously when you don't know Japanese). That being said one of the most frequently asked questions has been when does the Star Force stuff happen and when do you get to kick the tar out of Geo Stelar?

After the ElecMan scenario actually, so it's almost right before the end for those keeping track. Following ElecMan's defeat Mayl is harassed by Count Zap and Madoi and calls Lan over. Some talking ensues and you Jack into the net and come across an imposter MegaMan that you gotta chase down through Internet-1 and 2.

Shortly past the Shop area you pin down Geo and...

After this some scenes happen and you get to use Geo in battle. Y Button brings up a shield, X activates the lock on attack on the first thing in your line of sight and your buster is overall weaker than MegaMan.EXE's. Random battle music is replaced with the Virus busting theme from Star Force while boss fights use the Star Force 2 Wave Battle theme.

I was kind of hoping for some Star Force 3 songs myself. Anyway this is as far as I've gotten, so I'll go back to slugging away at this now.