E-Tank Energy Drinks Coming to America (Updated)

Good news, everyone! According to AAA Distribution, it appears that the popular yet peculiar-tasting E-Tank energy drinks might be coming to America. Their site has a listing where a case of 24 can be ordered for $72. Or, if you prefer singles, Big Bad Toystore will be selling them for $2.99 a pop in January 2010. And the bad news (price aside)?

...the manufacturer seems to have missed the point of why people wanted them in the first place almost entirely.

It's merely a hunch, but I get the feeling the other side doesn't look like an E-Tank from the Classic series games. So much for novelty.

It will be interesting to see how these perform, in light of these circumstances.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner

Update: Thanks to Community member Flame, we have the following response from Boston America as to why the can was changed:

Thanks so much for your input and I do understand your concern. However please note that Boston America’s first concept for the drink WAS the same version that was produced in Japan , however Capcom rejected the design and asked us to move forward with the 8-bit concept we currently have available. We were disappointed too!

Thanks again for letting us know your thoughts!

So at least there is still hope.