A Teensy Bit of Tiesel

The other night, we were hanging around on IRC when Heat Man posted the following video from Rockman DASH 2, noting of Tiesel Bonne that "his Japanese voice doesn't have nearly as much appeal."

Tabby agreed, saying "no one can do Tiesel better then his English VA." This inspired me to dig up a little something, and I thought I would share it here.

As with other members of the Mega Man Legends cast, Tiesel was played by a Canadian voice actor. In his case, it was the unforgettable (and in my opinion, irreplaceable) talent of Rob Smith which gave the leader of the Bonne family of air pirates his distinctive commanding, albeit frantic, tone.

Naturally, one cannot live by Legends alone-- else we would all be dead by now. As such, Rob Smith can be found in a number other productions, but perhaps one of the more widespread is that of Angela Anaconda, where he plays the recurring minor character of Coach Reinhardt, an ex-Army officer and coach of the show's local high school sports teams.

Since it seems unlikely that we're going to be hearing Smith delivering new material as Tiesel any time soon, here's an episode from the TV show in question. Listen, and you can hear a bit of the elder Bonne's voice seeping through:

Enjoy it for now, this may be as close to a Legends 3 as we're going to get for a while (except for maybe Tatsunoko vs. Capcom).