TVC: Ultimate All-Stars to Retain Japanese Voices

While we would all (well, many, at any rate-- we know who we are) love the opportunity to hear Lucas Gilbertson take up the microphone and perform the part of Zero once again in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, it seems that is unlikely to happen. Despite Frank West's performance to the contrary in the Japanese version of the title, JGonzo of Capcom*Unity, via Jaxel, has told us that most of the cast of the upcoming anime vs. video game showdown will be retaining their original Japanese dialect for the North American release.

Of course, while one can easily argue that this will help to maintain the original Japanese flavor of the game, it seems likely that it may have been more than Capcom could handle to arrange for every single English voice actor from their various studios to reprise their roles, to say nothing of assigning new actors for the characters who do not yet have roles. And without English role reprisals, a lot of people would likely be upset-- just look at the reaction to Frank West's new voice.