Updated: A little CoroCoro brings a little bit of info

715100 701170The latest info from CoroCoro is out on 2ch, but so far info seems a bit sparse.Here's a basic rundown on the facts:

  • A playable demo (likely they same one at TGS) will be available in Japan on the Wii's Nintendo Channel.
  • Bass will be an enemy character in the MegaMan Star Colosseum.
  • There is a Navi Chip for Star Force MegaMan, which is code S and deals 100 damage.
  • In the alternate issue of CoroCoro comic, which runs between the main monthly issues, they will begin running an OSS manga by Ren Takahara that stars an original protagonist instead of Lan.
  • Some kind of promotion for the game will be appearing on CoroCoro's website soon.

Edit: Here's another scan from PRC that I've cleaned up a bit, which gives some more story detail involving the crossover aspect.

osspageHere we learn that a bad Navi (likely ClockMan of course) has run off to 200 years in the past with Harp Note. Here SF MegaMan is at WAXA with his friends and Dr. Goodall saying he needs to go after them. Meanwhile, 200 years in the past, Mayl claims that Roll has been kidnapped by a blue Navi. Naturally, Lan and MegaMan EXE go to rescue Roll. This in turn seems to pin SF MegaMan as the criminal, which will likely lead to their battle. However (assuming at least from other scenes we've seen before), it's ClockMan behind the abduction of both, but to what end...?