e-Capcom offers special edition OSS drinking cup

A100019631010I've ordered Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star already. I'll get it and probably enjoy it. But I did not order it through e-Capcom, so I will not be getting this special edition drinking cup which they are giving to people who preorder through e-Capcom. Sadness. The cup is equipped with a straw that can be capped. But what's even "cooler" is the double Rockman image on the cup that turns blue when cold contents are poured in. Definitely what you'd want to be drinking out of while busting some viruses in OSS. I, instead, will be drinking out of my Harkens Theatres 2009 value cup. Sadness. (Since LBD is out of town right now, this post will not be called 2 Rockmans 1 Cup. I apologize.)