Xtreme Wave Fan Illustration Book

If you pay attention to the fanart scene, you'll know there's something very popular in Japan called "doujinshi". Basically, comics or illustration books done by fans. You'll also know that outside of Japan, it's very rare to see a doujin. If you're one of the lucky few, you get one, but alas, it's in japanese. Not many of us can read japanese. So, we get to oogle the pretty pictures. Today's our lucky day. Some of the talented fan artists of the Rockman fandom have made their own little doujin/illustration book.The best part? It's in English!

Not only is the artwork just beautiful, it's a good way to show our local fan artists we appreciate the work they do.

Those artists are teatea, JoyS , and Galou. With guest artists Hwa-si, kaiten

The cost for this book is a nice $15 USD for a B5 size, 32 pages in full color. And not only do you get the book, you get a nice random postcard. For an extra dollar, you get both postcards offered.

If you would like to order one, you can visit teatea's site with the order form, or click here to go straight to the order form.