Sword Man Has Really Pulled Himself Together

Here's another little blast from the Blue Bomber's past, dating back to sometime before Mega Man 8 hit the scene on the original Sony PlayStation and SEGA Saturn. The following scan comes from an issue of a magazine known as Game On! that was promoting Super Mario 64, and features an image of a robot whose posture and most prominent features look familiar, though the rest of him does not:

Edit: For those not inclined to read the comments, Heat Man added that, to his knowledge, Mega Man 8 is the only time Capcom has provided "base" or "skeleton" images for their Boss Character Contest, thus allowing users to create the "skin" or "shell" for what the final Robot Master would look like. Hence why so many designs seen during the credits shared so many similar traits.

Others that can be viewed include the bases which would become Search Man and Clown Man. It seems that these three are the only Robot Masters to have such concept art.

Credit goes to Maqqy96 of our affiliate, Maqqy's Hunter Hide-Out, for the Game On! find which sparked this post.