The TGS 2009 experience details post

Perhaps this needs a better name. At any rate, Tokyo Game Show is going on as you know, and now it's open to the public. The purpose of this post is to collect details from peoples' reports back about what went down. This post will be updated and bumped as needed with new information. And of course, if any of you sweet readers is fortunate enough to be going, please send over your eyewitness accounts on the action! From CAP Kobun: -The Capcom Special Selection package for Rockman DASH 2 apparently contains an image of the original Rockman Trigger. It has been question for years if such a design was ever made, and until now has not been seen. (This may not really be the case, unfortunately).

From Wizard: -The opening animation sequence to OSS is similar to BN5DS, combining still images. -Recovery causes the screen to darken, pausing the battle (as it did originally) -Long Sword does 100 damage (it only did 80 in the original BN) -When playing as Star Force MegaMan, you press X to lock on, and hold B for rapid fire. The buster likely will auto-charge. Press Y for the shield. -Star Force MegaMan's shield cannot be used repeatedly -Aside from the title music, none of the game's music is arranged so far (but there's no reason to suspect it won't be) -When operating Star Force MegaMan, the music changes to his theme song -For attacks that pause the game (such as Navi chips), damage is calculated as the attacks progress, as opposed to being calculated after the screen undarkens -The degree of difficulty for minigames during scenarios has been adjusted -Details on the MegaMan Star Colosseum: Players are divided into two teams and compete for stars. You select your player and desired rock-paper-scissors attribute. For opponents whose rock-paper-scissors icon is weak to yours, you can attack them with A to steal their stars. You can also touch your allies to give them stars. There are items on the field to change your rock-paper-scissors attribute, as well as other items such as bombs, pitfalls, and speed-up ability. These are activated with B. You can lose items by being attacked. The map also has gimmicks such as vanishing platforms. At the end of the game, it announces which team is victorious by catching the most stars, and then shows individual stats. Club Strong from MegaMan Star Force 3 is also said to appear in the minigame, and attack by pounding away with his club. -When battling Shooting Star MegaMan in an event battle, he attacks with his buster, shield, Sword (with and without lock on) and Omehga-Xis using Beast Slap. -More rum0rs of there being special downloadable chips.

From 2channel: -HP does not replenish after battles -You can have two chip folders -You can have no more than five of the same chip in your folder (in the original BN, it was ten) -Mr. Famous seems to appear in some form or another -Subchips are available now (likely because HP no longer replenishes!)

Keep checking back for more details!