The Unseen MegaMen of Legends 2

If you've played the MegaMan Legends series, you know that MegaMan Volnutt isn't the only MegaMan around. There was MegaMan Juno, who ended up being the primary enemy of the first title. Furthermore, we find out that the titular MegaMan had originally assumed the identity MegaMan Trigger. (Don't gripe to me about spoilers, you guys have had a decade to play these). Fans of the series have no doubt wondered, what other MegaMans were there? What were they like and what purposes did they serve? Until Legends 3 ever comes around, we probably can't answer those questions. But thanks to the Capcom Special Selection book released for DASH 2 in Japan, which is said to be loaded with concept artwork that has never before been made public, we can at least see what some of them perhaps would look like.

dashrockmans1   dashrockmans2

Every design you see here is a "MegaMan." On the left we have a battle type MegaMan, a semi-humanoid MegaMan, and even female MegaMans. The character in the image on the right is simply intended to be an enemy MegaMan. Seeing such diverse interpretations for "MegaMans" really deepens the mysteries surrounding the series' background.

Seeing these designs is a little humbling. Game companies usually don't release such artwork unless they don't intend to use them. So does seeing these mean that a lot of potential Legends material has been scrapped now? And does that spell bleakness for the future of the series? Or, could making these public perhaps arouse more interest?

Thanks to Fireman for the photographs.