Game Center CX Vs. Rockman: The End of Arino!?

arinomanAs I've mentioned before, Game Center CX is one of my favorite television shows about games. Starring Shin'ya Arino, a Japanese comedic personality, who does various game related segments such as talking to game developers and visiting game centers. But the most popular segment, which became the focus of the show, is Arino's Challenge, which involves Arino clearing a set goal in an old game, usually clearing the game and seeing its ending. While the show appears meagerly produced, its main draw, which I believe sets it apart from so much other gaming related programming today, is that it prominently features the responses of Arino, the player. He shows the sudden and impassioned joy and despair one feels while playing a game, especially a fun game. Arino constantly comes up against difficult struggles, which the show presents in a tight-rope walking, "will he make it?" style. This is what I think is so great about gaming, the fun of playing, and those sudden moments of not knowing if you're going to make it. Phew, rather than describing more, feel free to learn more about the show on Wikipedia. Anyway, challenging numerous "retro games" in the show's six year run so far, Arino has of course had his hand with Mega Man (Rockman, of course). He faced Mega Man 2 in the second season, the original Mega Man in the seventh season, and Mega Man 3 in the latest 11th season. Today I would like to share his challenges against Mega Man 2 and 3 with you (unfortunately footage of the original Mega Man is not currently online, that I've found). The episodes are purely in Japanese, so they may not be fun to follow along if you can't understand anything, but I think you still feel a very strong understanding with Arino's trials. Furthermore, TV-Nihon is working on subbing season 2, so the Mega Man 2 episode should be out before long (not to mention, you can always go on YouTube and see subbed episodes for other classic games). Anyway, without further ado.

Mega Man 2: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Mega Man 3 (a challenge so great, it takes two episodes!): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Incidentally I also want to mention, Game Center CX has spawned two DS games, the first of which has been localized in the west as Retro Game Challenge. If you don't have it already I highly recommend it!

Much thanks to Auto for cluing me in on the videos.