Mega Man Makes GoNintendo & GameDaily's Top 10 NES Games

GoNintendo and GameDaily have rallied their collective might to look back upon the nearly 800-strong library of the Nintendo Entertainment System and select but a mere ten titles to be the best. And it seems their list is causing some controversy; after all, Duck Hunt is #10. Now, I love Duck Hunt, but there are some favorites missing from the list that it is difficult to believe are absent in favor of falling fowl and cackling canines. For the sake of suspense (the best part of any "Top x" list), we won't reveal who or what didn't make the cut.

However, being who we are, we will of course spoil that one, and only one, Mega Man title made the list. Which one? In truth, there should be little doubt, but in case there is, we'll let it linger until you read down the list.

Interestingly, the collaborative nature of this effort means that the list is split into two parts: GoNintendo has numbers ten through six, which you can find here. Once you're done there, you can hit up up GameDaily's half of the list, covering numbers five through one, here (of course, they both link to each other as well, so you may not need the second one).

And for those worried, no, GameDaily's part isn't spread out across five different pages.