Update: Subtitled Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star official trailer

Courtesy of Famitsu, here is Capcom's TGS 2009 trailer for Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star, which we have graciously subtitled for you. Here are some interesting notes to point out about the video:

-Contains arranged version of the MMBN main theme, but the rest of the music is original GBA and DS tunes (probably just filler for this video). -Game will feature voice acting for at least Lan and MegaMan. Voices appear to be the same talent who worked on the Japanese anime. -ProtoMan, ShadowMan and even Bass make their appearances among the footage. -What appears to be a Program Advance similar to Double Hero, with both MegaMans, in the battle with ClockMan. (Curiously, this scene is cut so you can't tell which MegaMan is actually doing the fighting.) -ClockMan's battlefield panels are identical to the ones in NumberMan's stage, implying the event takes place there. -Even Navi chips such as GutsMan's will be available with a * code. -The new Rockman Star Colosseum appears to be a frantic battle to collect stars while your friends try to stop you/get the stars themselves. Has a map apparently to show the location of players and items. (I don't know how close this is to Star Force 2's Colosseum minigame, I never had a chance to play it.)

Original video source: Famitsutube, via Protodude's Rockman Corner