Mega Man Model-Mania (or, Rockman Model-Rama)

We've done our fair share of gushing over custom Rockman model kits in this space, and we aren't about to stop now. Let's face it, for a reasonable price, there is a lot of this stuff that almost any of us would buy if given the right opportunity. And as Auto has revealed to us, it seems there is plenty more of it going on overseas. It can be found at a website known as FG, but the downside is that it requires registration. Sorry, but I can't help you there, though maybe Heat can; I'll ask him to edit this if he can figure it out.

(Edit: Well, close enough-- check the second comment below.)

In the meantime, as that is being figured out, here is a sampling of some of the custom models and figures that have been shown on FG. Clicking on applicable images will open a larger version in a new window.

If she came packaged in a box, would that make it-- actually, never mind. Reminds me a little of the Ruby Spears version of X. Hair that can pierce the heavens. I believe we know these two gentlemen... This one is quite lovely. Special delivery! One butt-whoopin', just sign here. Mega Man is in one devil of a mess, but it's a good thing he's not yellow. The heat is on... Ariga-style! And last, but not least: I think this is probably closer to what the Repliforce scientists had in mind before they realized it just wouldn't work.