Capcom Unity announces The Great Mega Man Tribute Contest

a767a6ae14413cd560ebbc84d74667e9It has been one year today since Mega Man 9 came out, and in honor of the occasion Capcom Unity is ANNOUNCING MEGA MAN 10!!! Haha, no. Actually they are having a contest for one of the few remaining Mega Man 9 press kits, in all its retro NES cartridge glory. What do you have to do to win? Well, make whatever you want! Be it crafts, costumes or confections, or even something that doesn't start with a C. The more original and impressive, the more better your shots at winning first place and snagging the press kit. Additionally, fifteen runner up winners will receive download codes for MM9 on their system of choice. (Chances are, if you're entering you already have MM9, but hook a friend up and spread the MM love.)

You have until October 2nd (next Friday) to create and submit your wacky Mega Man fan item, at which point it will be harshly judged by the heartless and totalitarian Unity crew. So get crackin'!