Operate Shooting Star site updates

faiamanCapcom of Japan's Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star homepage receives updating tonight. What you'll probably be wanting to see most is here, the game info area. This now has sections for OSS's storyline, scenarios and game systems. In the game system, we see that MegaMan will still be using the old power up system, with level and all. However, a somewhat new feature is shown off: wireless chip trading.

If you've played MegaMan Battle Network before at all, none of the info is new to you by any means. But at least you can drink in the colorful screens and new mugshots.

Additionally, it's been announced that MR. FAMOUS! (well, Mazakasu Eguchi) will be appearing at the Rockman Special Stage in the 2009 Tokyo Game Show next weekend. They also show off the special OSS stickers that will be available.