Inafune and Bungie: Together at Last?

In news not relating to Mega Man (that we know of), but still of some potential interest to fans of the Blue Bomber is that Capcom's Head of Research & Development and Online Business, Keiji Inafune, recently visited the studios of Bungie, developer of the massively popular Halo series for Microsoft. Bungie assures everyone that they needn't worry, for Inafune is still with Capcom. However, they did take the opportunity of his visit to speak with him in an interview. They discuss numerous things, from Inafune's thoughts on the studio to the changes the game industry has experienced over the years since Mega Man and Street Fighter first hit the scene, to how those days influenced today and where we'll be in the future.

You can find the interview in full here, down towards the bottom. Just look for the image of Inafune (seen at right) holding a rifle and getting ready to cap some Covenant tail.