Keeping it retro: Game shows from around the world

With this trend of finding retro video game shows to reminisce about, here's something that is sure to please our Canadian visitors (all 20,000 of you). Video & Arcade Top 10 was a long running YTV (Youth Television) show where kids were invited to play games and compete for a shot at a prize.  Much like Video Arcade, the usual competition was getting the farthest or having the most points left.

Ok, so that doesn't sound too special.  Now while they've featured Mega Man quite a few times over the years, there's yet to be any sign of those episodes showing up on Youtube.  However, one point of interest would be the intro song:

Just in case, here's an extended version...

Sound familiar?  Some have gone so far as to say it resembles this song:

Considering how this theme song is ten years old, one would think they were getting some pretty recent inspiration, don't you think?  Still, that's not bad for a 3000$ intro.