CoroCoro shows Operate Shooting Star battle system w/ Star Force MegaMan

As we previously reported, Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star would contain what appears to be MegaMan Battle Network's classic battle system. A couple of images from the latest issue of CoroCoro reveals that both MegaMans will be playable in this format. The first image shows a battle setup between both MegaMans. Star Force MegaMan will be able to use his lock-on attack, and apparently his shield as well (though this is not shown in the article pictures), but MegaMan.EXE will not, having his own exclusive abilities, so the two will have differences. Both Rockmans will be playable in the game's storyline as well, though it's unknown how this will work. The second page shows that Star Force MegaMan will himself be able to use chips and Navi chips. The attack with Omega-Xis is one such Navi chip. It's unknown if this Navi chip is somehow exclusive to Star Force MegaMan. Program  Advances are shown as one of MegaMan.EXE's moves, so it's unknown if Star Force MegaMan will have access to them. Next, along with the minimap there is a similar PET screen to the one from Battle Network 5 DS, albeit without 3D graphics it appears.

Finally, though mostly cut off, there is mention the original Battle Network's antagonist group, WWW (World Three), so they will likely still play a major role (perhaps with ClockMan as well?).

Overall, the theme of this month's issue is to illustrate the differences between MegaMan.EXE and Star Force MegaMan, and asking the reader which one he'll choose. We will continue to post more information as we obtain it.



News Credit: 2channel