Operate Shooting Star to be playable at Tokyo Game Show

exe_oss_logoIf you happen to be going to the Tokyo Game Show coming up September 24th (and I envy you if you are), be sure to drop by the Kids Corner and give the trial version of Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star a test drive, 'cause it's gonna be there. The game will be playable specifically on the 26th and 27th, and those who try it will get a special sticker. Also, there will be a special stage presentation at the Capcom Booth where new info will be announced. Knowing this, I suspect that the upcoming issue of CoroCoro will put some focus on the game's battle system, since obviously it's going to be seen at TGS anyhow.

Over at Capcom's TGS Theater there are a couple movies for Operate Shooting Star. One is just a teaser and shows no gameplay footage. The other is a message from producer Takeshi Horinouchi. If you listen carefully, you can hear what's likely OSS's arranged title theme. A gameplay promo video is expected to come along soon.

If you drop by, by all means send along your impressions of the game; there are many who'd love to hear about it. And check out Ghost Trick and Okamiden too, those look pretty cool.