Capcom's Top 10 Franchises Ranked by... ABC?

The Capcom*Unity is just as surprised as we are, not that someone decided to rank their top 10 franchises-- it happens all the time-- but that the source of said ranking was ABC News in Sacramento.

So, who did they pick? Let's see:

ABC News 10 Top Ten Capcom Franchises

10. Onimusha

9. Ghouls 'N' Ghosts

8. Ducktales

7. Monster Hunter

6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

5. Devil May Cry

4. Resident Evil

3. Street Fighter

2. Mega Man

1. Capcom VS.

Oh yeah. See? They know. And before anyone complains about Mega Man not being number one, bear in mind that the Capcom VS. series has Mega Man and crew in it. So really, when you think about it, Mega Man pretty much owns the top two spots. And that's alright by us.

In kind, Capcom opted to return the favor and rank the top 10 news stories by ABC News 10. Surprisingly, the "Top 10 Capcom Franchises" wasn't at number one, or even on the list at all. So what did they pick? Find out for yourself.