The MMN Antarctic Megapaluza Wraps Up

Well, friends: it's been a long and frosty month of August this year, as we've taken great pains to try to appeal to the one continent on Earth who seemed to have absolutely no presence on ClustrMaps, Antarctica. So, did it work? Well, in hindsight, it would probably have really helped if we were trying to appeal to a continent that actually appears on ClustrMaps, so I suppose at best, the jury is still out on this one.

Nonetheless, to wrap things up for our loyal fans who have followed us since we began this cockamamie scheme, we're taking them right back to the beginning as we revisit the original Mega Man frosty bossy, Ice Man, in a little tale known only as "Ice Age."


Hmm, guess they could beat Air Man after all.

Yeah, I know... that was pretty cold of me to say.

Join us next time, as we... well... hmm. You know, I'm not sure we actually have a solid idea for another theme month. Any suggestions that we might take under advisement?