The Music of Mega Man: Ranked for Your Pleasure

It's no small secret that music is considered a very significant part of the Mega Man games. After all, the Blue Bomber himself and his sister were originally named for Rock and Roll, only to be later joined by Blues, Beat, Tango, and others. And then with the X series, the whole thing kind of started to fall apart in regards to punny names. But that's neither here nor there for the intents and purposes of this story, for this is about the undertaking of one ScrewAttack G1 member to create a ranking of music from the original Mega Man series.

Boiled down to its core numbered entries, the original, aka Classic series has nine games. And among those nine entries are 120 songs, which Jknight253 has decided to rank. Every stage theme, every Robot Master theme, every Wily stage, every intro and outro theme.

For the sake of easy consumption, the list is being divided up into groups of 20, with each entry containing a sample and some commentary. So far, only #120-#100 and #99-80 have been done so far (meaning the first batch is actually 21 songs), and you can find them here and here, respectively.

With a list this vast, a person can only be left to wonder: which song will be number one?

News Credit: Capcom*Unity