Operate Shooting Star already discounted?

zennyAfter we reported Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star's Japanese release date last night, Fireman, a good pal of mine, brought something to my attention. Along with the release date, the expected sales price was reported at ¥4,190. In comparison, all Rockman games that have previous released on the DS started out at ¥5,040. Including tax, I believe that's the standard price for a DS game in Japan. So from day one, Operate Shooting Star will be selling for considerably less than its DS predecessors. After mulling over it here and there, I'm not sure I can think of a significant reason for the reduction of the price. Is Capcom hoping the reduced price will let it sell better? Were there reduced development costs due to using existing content from the original Battle Network? And ultimately, will its price be reduced in other regions as well?

I'm presently unaware of a reduced cost in any other upcoming DS games in Japan, so I can't say if it's part of a trend (Capcom's last DS game, Gyakuten Kenji, sold at the regular price). There may really be nothing significant about it at all. In the end, there's nothing bad about paying less for a game.