MMN Antarctic Megapaluza Part 8 - Mega Man X3 Blizzard Buffalo

Today, we take a look at the eighth part of the MMN Antarctic Megapaluza, as Ryudo races to conquer the frostiest fiend of Dr. Doppler's army, Blizzard Buffalo. With no Heart Tanks or Subtanks for X, he faces off against numerous vicious Mechaniloids as he makes his way into the boss's inner-sanctum, with a brief interlude as Zero makes his way to the hidden capsule of Dr. Light. Once Ryudo reaches Buffalo, keep your eyes peeled for an AI exploit which can be performed with the newly-acquired Air Dash:

Well, so much for him.

And so much for the gameplay portion of the MMN Antarctic Megapaluza; we've run through our cache of eight videos, and one slot remains in the month, which we're holding for something... special. Check back with us on Sunday as we close out our month of clickraising from our friends and fans at the South Pole!