Servbot Keychains and More @ PAX

Servbot Keychains and More at PAXCapcom has finally announced some of the items they will be selling at their booth at this year's Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). Though there are only two Mega Man items (both of which are keychains) listed currently, there is a rather vague listing of other types of things that will be available that could very well be related to the Blue Bomber. Specifically, we have the Servbot keychain (pictured on the right) as well as keychains featuring other Capcom favorites including Mega Man himself, Chun Li, and Viewtiful Joe.

Items from other franchises include a Devil May Cry 4 sword, a Dark Void figure, SF20: The Art of Street Fighter, Monster Hunter plushies and chopsticks, and an Ace Attorney bookmark set.

Capcom also mentions that they will have various games, collectible figures, t-shirts, messenger bags, books, jewelry, and game soundtracks, though that's as specific as they chose to be.

PAX takes place September 4th-6th in Seattle, WA. Is anybody in the Mega Man Network community going to be in attendance? If so, you just might run into me. I'll be there all three days.

News Credit: Capcom Unity Blog