MMN Antarctic Megapaluza Special 7 - Mega Man X Chill Penguin

The month of August may be drawing to a close, but our goal to reach out to the denizens of Antarctica will not cease now! Curious as to how our specials have been recieved among those in the far South Pole, LBD Nytetrayn personally has gone down to gauge the reactions of those who have dwelled there. has been several days since negotiations with the penguins have begun. I am certain however we will be able to make a deal that will release Nytetrayn and his fellow hostages in due time. If that does not work, I fear we may have to take more...drastic measures, such as having Mav bust them out in his mobile suit.

Until then, we shall remain vigilant and continue to reach out to the populous of Antarctica with yet another video by yours truely, this time a no damage trek through the winter snow base of Chill Penguin, the first arctic themed boss of the X series.

Stay with us as with luck, Nyte will be rescued as the final video of the Megapaluza will appear within the week. Until then, this is your Local Geohound signing off.

~Ryudo, who is well aware Nyte is just away for the weekend. Couldn't resist, though >_>