Get Mega Ran on the SXSW Panel for VGM & Hip-Hop

Pretty straight forward post title, right? OK, guys. Here's the deal: Remember Mega Ran? The guy combining Mega Man and hip-hop flawlessly? He needs our help with something that could be beneficial to video game music on a grand scale. He's trying to get on a panel at the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival, which is basically one of the biggest festival for music and filmmakers in the US. The panel is named "Video Games and Hip-Hop: Making the Connection," and he needs our support to get enough votes for the panel.

This panel will discuss and chronicle the past, present and future of the union of video games and hip-hop, and explain how YOU can get your music into video games through discussions led by individuals who have secured licensing deals with top game developers.

To get more info (and to vote), follow this link and cast your vote. Just a forewarning, you DO have to register to rate the idea, but this very well may be worth it.

So fight, MMN! Fight for everlasting peace! ... Or at least to get Random on this SXSW panel. Peace can come later. OK, fine. To entice you a bit, here's free music:

Random feat. Blaze Rock & Storyville - The Remainder is One from his upcoming Marvel vs Capcom mixtape that will soon be available for download on the PSN.