Another mysterious OSS post from Clark - Updated

A while back, the mascot of Capcom's Ryuusei no Rockman 3 Satellite Server Clark made a vauge comment about a program that could control time, a statement likely pointing at Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star's Clockman, who was revealed later. Today Clark brings up another curious statement concerning that program.

A while back I mentioned something about a "program that can control time," but it seems like they somehow completed a prototype!

Then, Ace comes to me and asks of all things "Clark, if you'd like, would you want that program installed in you?" It seems to be for data collecting, but to get a program like that installed... I get kind of a special feeling. Hmm, but why would Ace choose me?

Truthfully I don't know if this is supposed to hint at Operate Shooting Star's contents, or if this is just a small storyline to promote future site updates for the game. Either way we'll keep our eyes peeled.

08/19/09: Another message has been added to the site. Now, sadly, it seems Clark has been swallowed up by a time portal.

At last the day has come that the prototype "Clock Program," a program that controls time, has been installed in me!

I sought the reason why Ace chose me for this, and he said "Whatever happens to you, Clark, it's fine," which makes me feel a tad uneasy. But if it's to assist the Satella Police, I'll bravely go forth... Eeeyah!

*Bzzz-bzzzt! Bzzzzzzzzt!!!*

Err? What's this turbulent air...?


Wh-what's happening!? What the heck is that warp hole-like thing... I'm... being sucked in.... Oo..ooowaah!!??

*Bzzzzt, bzzzzz-snap*

In all honesty, I believe this is little more than a gag that's meant to lead up to the revival of the Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star homepage. I don't expect Clark to play any role in the actual storyline, since I don't believe he was involved at all in Star Force 3's story. Still, we'll see what happens.