So, How Much Did the Mega Man Marathon Raise?

The SpeedGamers' recent Mega Man Marathon would appear to have been a complete success for the group. They sought to raise $7,000 to support, and not only met the goal, but surpassed it with a grand total of $7,011.01 from 262 contributors.

...wait, one cent? Okay, who's the wise guy who donated one cent?

Anyway, they posted the following on their website:

Aiyoh, I’m exhausted. I thought this marathon would be a breeze compared to our week long Final Fantasy marathon but I’m still beat.

What a great summer we had with you guys. I’m proud of our community that continues to grow and do amazing things for society. I guess us gamers aren’t so bad after all, huh?

I’m really tired as of right now, I’ll update more in the morning such as prize winners, upcoming marathons news and extended thanks.

It should be fun to see what they pull together next time for a marathon.