MMN Antarctic Megapaluza Special 5 - Mega Man 7: Freeze Man

Hello, Antarctica! And you folks in Greenland, too! The next part of our shout-out to all of the Mega Man fans in some of the world's colder regions continues today with a look at the chilly boss from the Classic series' only Super NES installment, Mega Man 7. Ryudo takes on patrolling Petaforths, ice-slinging Shirokumachine GTVs, tough-as-nails True Shield Attackers, inconveniencing Icicle Tecks, Sniper Joe 01 sentries, Bomb Sleighs, and other little robotic critters and doo-dads in a perfect no-damage run to a one-on-one showdown with the ferocious Freeze Man:

Freeze Cracker get! Granted, he took one hit from the big bad, but that's not bad all in all, especially if you consider how much more quickly and painlessly he could have-- pardon the expression-- iced the villain by using the Junk Shield.

You know, I've always wondered: I get the idea of a dinosaur skeleton lurking in the background, perhaps frozen long ago by the harsh forces of the elements. But why is it a robot dinosaur skeleton?

Check back with us in a few days, when we'll continue our tribute to the arctic-themed archenemies of the Blue Bomber!