An 11-year-old's take on Mega Man 2

Mega Man, a franchise that's been running for more than 20 years, has its roots in simplistic, arcade style action gameplay. And yet there are many young Mega Man fans today that may have not had a taste of this kind of gameplay. They may hear the praise for Mega Man 9 and not understand what's so great about it, with its ancient graphics, sound and gameplay.

This is where Project D comes in, testing out the games of old on an 11-year-old subject named Dylan. Overall, Dylan seemed to enjoy Mega Man 2 a lot, discussing the things he liked and didn't like en route. Some of the things he says may sound silly to you, but I think this point of view on Mega Man 2 is very critical. It demonstrates how much of an evergreen title a game like Mega Man 2 is, that it can still be enjoyed by gamers who are growing up outside of the arcade era.

'Course, he doesn't care too much for the music, but it takes more years to develop that level of class and taste (ok, now I'm obviously showing my bias).

News Credit: Fetus (seriously?)