"Mega Man: Complete History" Available for Pre-Order

Have you ever wanted to know all about the history of Mega Man? Would you like to read about the series' conception and how one little blue robot became a videogame icon in extreme detail? Well, you're in luck! Right now, Barnes & Noble is taking pre-orders for "Mega Man: Complete History". This paperback history lesson, published by Chronicle Books LLC, is said to release on October 1st of this year.

"From napkin-scrawled idea to production to million-selling success, both series’ histories will be told in extreme detail in original text and interviews with the developers, animators, and other industry folks. We’re going to pack in tons of art, too–early concept stuff as well as memorable character sprites. My favorite part may be the package itself, though–these are going to be paperbacks, but they’ll come in a partial slipcase that looks like an original Nintendo cartridge sleeve. "

This looks to be an exciting addition to any Mega Man fan's collection of books. You'll be able to take home this bad boy for under fifteen dollars in only a few more months.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner