What is Inti Creates up to?

question1For this decade, which is swiftly coming to a close, Inti Creates has been a major component to the Mega Man franchise. Starting in 2002 they developed the Mega Man Zero series with Capcom and then followed with Mega Man ZX. They were also behind the unexceptionally received Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. But of course, what they are now most well known for is the much beloved Mega Man 9. But what will Inti Creates bring about next? Since the release of Mega Man Zero, Inti Creates typically developed a Mega Man game for release in Japan every spring to summer, with news of such titles starting to appear in the late winter. However, the expected window of time for an announcement this year has already been passed, and Inti Creates' official website has remained surprisingly quietly for most of this year so far.

That's not to say that Inti Creates has been idle. So far this year, they've released Japan exclusive Nintendo DS titles for the Sgt. Frog and Crayon Shin-chan series. Of course, these are not Capcom published games. What Capcom may be working on with Inti Creates is indeed a mystery, and one that has gone on for a surprisingly long time this year.

While Capcom is moving on with Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star, I personally doubt they are not through creating Mega Man titles with Inti Creates. As Mega Man 9 itself was such an abrupt and surprising announcement, we really can't rely too much on the past trends of their game releases. What we can rely on is he fan support for said games. There are people that want the continuation of Mega Man ZX. There are people who want Mega Man 10. There are people who want Mega Man X9. Most of all, there are people who simply want more. That's reason enough to suspect that Capcom and Inti Creates have something in the works this very moment.

For now, we can only keep our eyes peeled.