No plans for Legends on PSN yet

sadservWe do know that Mega Man games for PlayStation are on their way to the PlayStation Network for download. Unfortunately, the Legends series isn't among them so far. Over at the Capcom-Unity forums, Christian Svensson had this to say about the fate of delivering the Legends titles:

I know that people want them and I'm working with Japan to see what we can do about that. But they're not on the docket right now as they need to be recleared for rights issues (voice actors, musical score, middleware, any IP infractions, etc.) before we could contemplate putting them up. As it stands today, they are not "cleared" by the IP dept for future use.

While it's by no means a dead end, it is still unfortunate. As Mega Man fans, I suppose all we can do is kick and scream, and hope that will get things worked out sooner than later.

News Credit: Protodude's Rockman Corner