Get Equipped with Download Data!

A lucky day for Star Force 3 owners! Capcom has given players the opportunity to download a new battle card to their game, details on what it is and how to get it after the jump. The battle card in question is powerful Acid Arrest card which causes Ace's Wizard to appear and attack enemies at random three times with different attacks.  To nab this card, have your copy of Star Force 3 inserted into your DS and have the DS Wireless Communications enabled (for those of us with a DSi, because I always forget, myself...) and then go to the Nintendo Channel on a Wii. Select Find Titles for You, then DS Download Service. Next, pick "Mega Man Star Force 3 AcidArrest Battle Card" from the top of the list. On your DS, start the DS Download Play, and once it's received the Acid Arrest program, start it up. Ace will prompt you for which save file you want to add the card to, and voila! You now have your own copy of Acid Arrest! Enjoy, and happy busting, folks!