Mega Man Invited to Join "Grand Smash Tournament?"

A most curious item of note has crossed our desks here at The Mega Man Network... Though it might seem to betray appearances, it would seem that Nintendo's puzzle-solving protagonist, Professor Layton, is actually quite with the times and has seen fit to acquire a Twitter account under the name "TopHatProfessor." And he is not alone in this venture, as his apprentice, Luke, also has a suitably-named account. But that's not what this is about.

What is of particular interest is when he made the following post on July 1st:

I received an invitation this morning to something called the "Grand Smash Brothers Tournament". Does anyone know anything about it?

Naturally, we all know (more or less) what he is referring to. He soon after issued the following series of posts:

@InkAsylum Why on earth do I need a weapon to go and attend this tournament? All I have is my fencing sword and my wit!

I'm on my way to the "Grand Smash Tournament" now! Wish me luck! Though, I am not exactly sure what I am going to be doing...

This is nothing like what I expected! I was told to FIGHT a blue robot boy, a possessed doll, and a tiny boxer! I'm leaving at once!

Hmm, "a blue robot boy," eh? That sounds like a suitable description for someone we know, does it not?

All in all, it seems to be a rather... well, interesting bone thrown out from the Twitter. But while IGN says that Nintendo set up the accounts, a more skeptical GoNintendo says:

I'm starting to think that this Professor Layton Twitter page is either a sham, or Nintendo has lost their minds. There's no way they'd start teasing another Smash Bros. already. I'm going to try and get some feedback on the Twitter page right now.

IGN adds that they are not taking this as actual news, of course, but adds the following train of thought: is still intriguing -- why would an official Nintendo promotion online make such implications? Is it just to draw more attention to the Twitter page by getting conspiracy theorists like me to write stories about it? Is it just the Nintendo employee charged with handling the Layton Twitter feed having a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun? Or has Nintendo actually considered adding Layton (and Mega Man, Geno and Little Mac) as playable characters to a future Smash Bros. title?

All good questions, though I imagine perhaps some combination of the first two ideas is most likely, and that they chose to prey on the hopes, dreams, and rumors spread among Smash Bros. fans in the process. IGN also poses the question of whether or not Nintendo could be mulling over a new title in the series, though the last in only a little over a year old. Perhaps Nintendo, at long last, has a portable version on their minds?

In any case, it's all speculation right now, but fun speculation. And if you're wondering how the tale winds down, Luke soon follows up, asking the next day:

@TopHatProfessor Oh! Professor! I meant to ask you about the "Grand Smash Tournament" this morning over tea. What was that all about?

Layton tells him:

Well @ApprenticeLuke, it was a barbaric tournament of strength that I should like no part in. No intellect was needed in order to compete.

Well, I don't know if I'd go that far-- a bit of warrior's strategy can come in handy, after all, though I'm not sure the good Professor has it in him. Even so, sometimes it's fun to give your brain a rest and exercise one's instinct and reflexes.

Thanks to Windsor Genesis and Jack Freeman both for the tip!