Interview with SF3 producer Horinouchi, quick mention of Operate Shooting Star

MegaMan_CJ_2For those of you currently enjoying Mega Man Star Force 3, you may want to head over to a GameTrailers interview with the series producer Takeshi Horinouchi, where he curtly discusses his likes in the gaming industry, his hobbies and other tidbits. He also makes a quick mention of what's likely Rockman EXE: Operate Shooting Star in this question:

WHAT GAMES ARE YOU PLAYING FOR FUN RIGHT NOW? A remake of Megaman Battle Network which I've been working on.

Personally, he still sounds a bit vague to me about whether he means a remake of the series, or a remake of the actual first game in the series. At the World Hobby Fair earlier in Japan, Horinouchi allegedly said the title is a "plus alpha port of EXE." "Plus alpha" is Japanese term meaning "a little something extra," essentially. More finesse. It appears this is why there's some confusion over whether or not Operate Shooting Star will be a direct remake.

Additionally, Horinouchi let go this vague but inspiring tidbit:

ANY SECRETS OR PREVIEWS YOU CAN SHARE ABOUT WHAT WE CAN EXPECT FROM THE MEGA MAN SERIES IN THE FUTURE? We are already moving ahead with several new plans not limited to a specific target or hardware, and are working hard to be able to tell you more about it. Please stay tuned!

Incidentally, you may be unaware that Ken Souther, the shopkeeper in the Star Force series, is a caricature based on Horinouchi. The following question makes the fact that much more apparent: