Very Odd French Mega Man 2 Ad

Forum member Enker PMed me yesterday afternoon with a very cool, but weird MM2 video. More after the jump. It was actually a commercial for the French release of Mega Man 2. He was nice enough to upload it to his Youtube account, so check it out:


Mario: Mega Man is back! Voice: Nintendo's World News with Mario! Mario: Mega Man is more "Mega" as ever! He blows Air Man, he completely cools Heat Man, and sends Metal Man to junk! Dr.Wily, does it upset your plans to conquer the universe? Wily: Oh, no! You forget my super robots, my atomic chickens, and all my other creatures! Ah ah ah! Mario: Thanks Dr. Wily. But the last word will be for Mega Man 2!

So, not only does Mario speak French, but he seems to support Mega Man. Good to know. Again, thank Enker for bringing this to our attention!