Download PSN version of Rockman 9 and you might win Rockman

While we reported on this previously, more details have popped up about that ad.  Courtesy of andriasang's translation, the contest from June 24th (today) until July 8th requires downloading the game for a chance to win one of the 30 prize packs they're offering: A Uniqlo T-Shirt and a copy of Rockman as a PSOne Classic. The interesting part about this is that there are no Rockman games released as PSOne classics.  What does this mean?  Thirty lucky Japanese gamers might get their hands on the only downloadable copies of the game in a long time.  Since they've used the PSOne Classic icon for the contest, count on it being the Rockman Complete Works version.

Other information of great interest is the projected release dates of the game's expansions: Blues Mode and Endless Attack are releasing on July 8th, while PSN and XBLA themes will be released from now until then.  Blues Mode will run you up ¥200 or 160 MS Points while Endless Mode will cost ¥300 or 250 MS Points.

Source: andriasang