Capcom promotes MT Framework 2.0

It's probably not a well known fact that the same engine family has powered most Capcom games of the current generation.  However, when you hear Keiji Inafune, thoughts instantly run to Mega Man, Onimusha, Dead Rising and Lost Planet.  Well, MT Framework has already been used to build two of those franchises' games and Capcom was showing off its newest version of the framework, which will be the driving force behind the upcoming Lost Planet 2. Short version is this: The newest version of the game engine is a complete redo of MT Framework 1.X.  While the 1.X line was optimized for the Xbox 360, 2.0 is made to work with all hardware.  While the rest is very tech oriented, you can check out the original article here in Japanese and here for a quick translation of it.  andriasang has a more coherent writeup while Kombo also has some other parts that go a bit more in depth.

Two things of note are the following: Lost Planet 2, while the first game on MT Framework 2.0, actually started out on MT Framework 1.X and was subsequently moved up when the new engine was completed.  Next up is how 2.0 will increase immersion by making environments more dynamic.  As written by andriasang:

However, the real point to watch for, according to Nishikawa, is the dynamic interaction between characters and vegetation. This particular area has advanced beyond Resident Evil 5. Plants and vegetation will sway based off wind caused by gun blasts and explosions.

As MT Framework 2.0 comes into play, one has to wonder if this one is being groomed, much like 1.X, to be the engine behind a future MegaMan Legends 3 or other console forays for the Mega Man franchise.  With so little news of new Mega Man games of late, one has to wonder if Capcom is actually going to bite the bullet and give an HD Mega Man title a shot.

Source: Game Watch, andriasang, Kombo Kudos: Capcom Unity