New Line of Mega Man Figures Coming Soon?

The above image is what greets visitors to the Jazwares website and click on the part of the left sidebar which reads "New Line of Figures" under the Mega Man brand tag. Sadly, further details are few and far between, with only the following statement accompanying the entry:

New Line of FIgures After FIFTEEN YEARS, Mega Man has remained one of the MOST celebrated cartoon characters to originate from a video game. These action figures bring back those classic moments.

Recommended: Ages 4+

Of course, this may and very well could only refer to the upcoming JUVIs line of figures, which I'm not exactly sure I would describe as "bringing back classic moments" as well as their other Retro Roto line, which the page also lists with the same description, even though the line was seemingly discontinued years ago.

In addition, Jazwares also has the license for the upcoming computer-rendered Astro Boy movie, perhaps letting some avid fans finally have a to-scale crossover.