GameDaily Names Mega Man as One Game Which Was Better in 2D

Following the rise of the PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, and the Nintendo 64, numerous legendary video game franchises birthed in the realm of two dimensions made the transition to 3D. Some were vastly successful... and others, unfortunately, were not. GameDaily takes a look at nine different franchises which, in their opinion, fared better in the 2D realm and should never have even cast eyes upon the third dimension.

And wouldn't you know it? Our favorite Blue Bomber himself made the list, with fare such as Mega Man 2 being displayed while the more recent Mega Man 9 is praised by name.

But wait-- the original Mega Man never really went to 3D, only two of his spin-offs, one of which made the jump from 2D, and the other created from the ground up specifically for a three-dimensional experience. But which one does GameDaily make the target of its disdain?

Click here and find out, and then prepare to voice your outrage in the comments below.