Mega Man defends the seas in Mega Man Rush Marine

mega_man_rush_marine_In the series' continuing quest to be unpredictable, Mega Man Rush Marine takes Mega Man and his canine companion's submersible form to defend the waters from the evil Dr. Wily. I'd almost not believe it myself except that the retro-styled shooter is slated for release on mobile phones. It seems even Dr. Wily is feeling the pinch of the recession, and has taken to drilling for oil in the sea. But since everything Wily does causes trouble, his drilling activities begin to earthquakes above ground, and now only Mega Man can stop him. Thankfully he has a robot dog who can transform into a submarine. According to the fact sheet released by Capcom, Mega Man Rush Marine carries the following features:

  • Exciting side-scrolling aquatic shooter.
  • Explore three aquatic environments including Shallow Water, Volcanic Reef and Deep Water.
  • Battle through ten levels and defeat as many robot masters, each with a unique weapon that you can capture and use for good.
  • Fight your way through expansive levels teeming with 14 enemies and numerous hazards.

With the ability to gain new weapons, it'd stand to reason you can select stages in any order. Now the major thing to wonder is if there will be any new robot masters, or all returning robot masters that have been modified for aquatic activity.

No word yet on when it'll come out, but with Capcom cooperating on other mobile titles like 1942, Cash Cab and Where's Waldo?, there's a good chance we'll get some more details at E3.


Update: According to Capcom's press site, Mega Man Rush Marine is set to release Q3 of 2009, and the three above screenshots are concept images.

News Credit: Examiner