The Horrors of Western Box Art... Halo Style

Some could argue that Mega Man's North American box was the absolute worst Western box art to grace a Japanese game's overseas version.  In that vein, Bungie sought to recreate the same horrors with their own top series.  GameSpy now has the final product for all to see.  Brace yourselves! original-mega-man-box-artist-commissioned-to-remake-halo-3-cover-20090507041733193

Created by the actual artist who made Mega Man's NA box art, Rodney Baddraw, this new artwork accomplishes the same level of horror its forefather does.  If GameSpy is to be believed, this is the first in a new line of box art remakes from Mr. Baddraw.  Let's all hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Source: GameSpy