Capcom countdown site points to MvsC2

tu4arLate last night, Capcom posted the mysterious countdown site While I'm not certain where it originated that this site belongs to Capcom, you can see the data loading from a Capcom nameserver when the site loads. All the site is right now is a countdown, presuming ending on the day of Captivate '09, a series of national flags, and a big "2" in the background. Furthermore, in searching for leads, That VideoGame Blog has ran a story saying TU4AR appears to stand for "take you for a ride," part of the lyrics to the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 character select theme. With all the evidence mounting of MvsC2 coming to the XBox LIVE Arcade and probably the Playstation Store, it's a pretty good likelihood this site is a promotion for said title. Being that Marvel vs. Capcom is the only arcade game I've ever beaten anyone at (granted my opponent was probably 8 years younger than me), I am really looking forward to spamming the Mega Buster yet more.

Original source: CapKOBUN