Get equipped with laser eyes

Maybe Mega Man 2 is too hard for you. Maybe you can't get past Quick Man's laser beams, or Heat Man's lava pits, or you just can't beat Air Man. If that's the case, this hack may be for you. The Nintendo emulator FCEUX has a special scripting plugin called Lua, which allows for object manipulation like you see above. Aside from seeing enemy data, you can drag virtually any object; pulling enemies away or dragging Mega Man out of harm's way. Or, you can hit select and make Mega Man shoot frickin' laser beams out of his frickin' eyes. So much for Metal Blade!

Granted we don't condone emulation, but hey, maybe this is something Capcom would like to explore for those who said Mega Man 9 was too hard. Be sure to check out the Lua scripted Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 too.

News Credit: GoNintendo and Tiny Cartridge